The New Year brings renewed energy and motivation, the joys of fresh starts and brand new planners (is that just me?), and… resolution frenzy. We flock to Pinterest and our favorite coaches and bloggers for the insider scoop on how to recover from last year’s failures and finally reach that goal that keeps making our list (you know the one). It can be exciting, daunting, and even boring —everything at once.

Although we’ve done this before, this year, we’re positive, we will be different.

How to Beat the Odds

According to U.S. News, 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by early February. Did anyone else just hear the air go out of a perfectly, inflated and optimistic balloon? That number stings. How certain are you that you are that lucky 1 out of 5?

Good thing is, you don’t need luck. That number is just a number and it doesn’t actually reflect what you can personally achieve this year. With a few perspective shifts and mindful preparation, you can ensure that, indeed, this year will be different. Here are 5 goal setting mistakes to avoid this year:

5 Goal Setting Mistakes to Avoid in 2019

  1. Not knowing what you really want.

Have you ever just waited in line at a fast food restaurant. Then, only when it’s your turn, finally decide to take a look at the menu? If you have, you know exactly what happens next: the server asks you to step aside so that they can help the next customer in line or you voluntarily offer to do so yourself.

Not knowing what you really want not only gets you in trouble when you’re in queue at Chipotle, but it also limits what the Universe can give you and leaves you wondering why someone else’s order was filled and not yours.

We’re always creating our lives based on what we want and have aligned with, consciously and subconsciously.

Before you go full speed after your resolutions, spend some time getting clear on what you really want and set your goals appropriately.

  1. Doing it for the wrong reasons.

Having a strong reason why you want to achieve your goals is essential in the goal attainment process. However, if you’re doing it for reasons that don’t positively motivate you, that dream may become a bit elusive. Or, if you do achieve it, it won’t feel much like paradise, after all.

Common shady reasons we go after unaligned goals: for improved status, for approval/validation from others of our worth and value, we feel that we have “no choice” or that’s what we’re “supposed” to do, to win love/acceptance, and familial programming (i.e. “that’s the way it’s always been done”).

As you identify what you really want to create this year, be sure that your “big why” is heart-centered and reflects your soul’s best interest. Know that you can’t please everyone in this life and you’re certainly not meant to.

  1. Not having a method that works for you.

This is a big one. Your intention may be well-fortified, but, if you don’t have a plan that works, you probably won’t make much progress. Particularly, if youre dealing with a goal that you’ve tried to reach time and time again, it’s important to access your approach and make much-needed changes when necessary.

You can do this by finding new perspectives you haven’t considered, taking inventory of what has worked for you in the past, or utilizing the power of community. The best saleswoman is a happy customer and there’s a reason for that. Find someone who has achieved what you desire, in a way that suits you, and take notes.

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  1. Resisting success and not being aware that you are.

The greatest obstacle we face on the road to success is not any perceived outside limitation, but our own minds.

We each have our own reasons why we resist success, get in our own way, and prevent ourselves from reaching our goals. Awareness goes a long way, but you still have to put steps in place to keep you on track.

Explore the reasons you may be resisting success and form new beliefs, stories, and habits to ensure that your own resistance doesn’t keep you in the same place, making the same resolution, a year from now.

  1. Getting overwhelmed by the process.

As exciting as the New Year is, it can be overwhelming. We get pumped about what we can achieve in the New Year, but get lost and panicked when we consider exactly how we’re going to do it.

As a society, we’re all about the end-game, the big finish. We often forget that things don’t just happen overnight.

Whatever your goal, approach it with a progress-oriented mindset, so you’re not discouraged by the process and time it takes to get there.

Get Back on Track

New Year’s can be an inspiring time of renewal, but it can also have a shadow energy of discontentment with where we are in life. You might find yourself feeling pressured to be perfect or frustrated and angry when you don’t see results fast enough.

Luckily, you don’t have to do this all alone.

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